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    Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip

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    Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip

    Seamless multitasking using your phone and laptop.

    Work on your laptop while still being able to monitor your cellphone with the help of the Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip.

    The Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip allows you to have your gadgets all at an eye-level positioning for a more convenient access for your multitasking needs. At the same time, this helps you to maintain a good posture. The strong magnet keeps your phone stay still and safe on the laptop. The light and compact characteristic allows you to bring it with you on the go!


    • Multi-tasking Buddy:
      Allow you to be multitasking on your laptop and cellphone without needing to leave your desk or even pick it up.
    • Efficient & Convenient Setup:
      Two screens in one space. You don't need to hold your phone while doing your work as it's just right beside your laptop screen.
    • Eye-Level Positioning:
      Allows you to take a glance at your phone while working on your laptop in an eye-level viewing so you don’t get any neck pain or discomfort.
    • Strong Magnetic Adsorption:
      Mount clip holds strongly to the laptop and also holds your cellphone securely so it won’t slip or fall.
    • Safe On Laptop:
      Does not affect your laptop/computer’s performance even while it’s safely attached to it.
    • Light & Compact:
      Small in size so it is light and compact that you can carry it around and use it at any time needed.


    • Materials: Aluminum
    • Color: Silver
    • Size: 12cm X 3cm X 0.5cm


    • 1x Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip

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